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Many people have been following recent media reports about nutritional supplements and are suddenly very worried about their health.


Who should we trust?

  • The critics of nutritional supplements, who claim that taking them is pointless? "If you eat a balanced diet of whole foods, you're getting all the nutrients you require. There's no need to take nutritional supplements."
  • Or are the advocates of nutritional supplements correct when they praise their products to the skies? "If you take my supplements every day, they'll protect you from heart attacks, strokes, cancer, etc."


Naturopath Daniel Albisser:  I'm in favour of orthomolecular, natural nutritional supplements

Let me be quite clear about this. I'm in favour of orthomolecular, natural nutritional supplements. On this site you'll find some important nutritional supplements I've developed myself and have commissioned experts to test and produce. They're great value - in the truest sense of the term…

But at the same time I take the critics' arguments very seriously too. I do so especially as there are so many charlatans up to no good online with their nutritional supplements that I try to deal with this issue objectively.


About me and my professional background…

  • I studied at the School of Natural Therapy in Zurich for three years
  • And I work as a recognised, state-licenced naturopath in Switzerland.


Hardly any other branch of medicine divides people so fundamentally into advocates and opponents as orthomolecular therapy with nutritional supplements. For some, therapy with the right nutrients is a godsend, while others think nutritional supplements are superfluous and even harmful.

However, "orthomolecular" means nothing more than taking the right substances. The definition of this school of therapy is derived incidentally from the double Nobel Prize winner and "vitamin C guru" Linus Pauling.

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The top priority - prevention, preservation of health

Orthomolecular medicine's purpose is above all to preserve good health - and it therefore does something that conventional medicine unfortunately pays far too little attention to.


VIPtamol Komplett Forte In practical terms it means giving your body nutritional supplements in order to preserve or restore your good health or at least to alleviate a disorder. In orthomolecular medicine we primarily use vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Well over 90% of prescriptions in orthomolecular medicine include vitamins, minerals and trace elements.


The nutritional supplements I have developed and which you'll find on this site - unlike the products of many other producers - have been developed strictly in accordance with the principles of orthomolecular medicine and certified as organic in many cases.


But before you start considering the products on this site, you should be aware that nutritional supplements cannot work miracles. Don't believe any manufacturer or dealer who promises you amazing results. Nutritional supplements can help you and that's beyond dispute. But no one who takes a nutritional supplement is going to be 100 per cent protected from serious illnesses. You're just as likely to be able to walk on water.


But certainly orthomolecular supplements will make a crucial contribution to enhancing your wellbeing and enjoyment of life. Here you can read the report of chemist and author Dr Dirk Klante.


What nutritional supplements can and cannot doOmega 3

  • Orthomolecular therapy with nutritional supplements shouldn't replace a balanced diet but complement it. Similar to how heated seats or air conditioning adds to our comfort in a car, nutritional supplements enhance our wellbeing. However, our health always depends on eating healthy, nutritious food.
  • Orthomolecular therapy is also very compatible with conventional medicine. Unfortunately, conventional medicine occasionally disregards the medical use of nutritional supplements (such as vitamin C and zinc following surgery to improve wound healing and reduce the risk of infection; something that would be particularly useful given the hazards posed by hospital bugs).
  • Please don't get me wrong here. I believe conventional medicine is a boon in emergency cases and for urgent relief in acute cases. It's why I don't advocate opposition to conventional medicine but rather its coexistence with orthomolecular medicine.
  • All the natural remedies are also very compatible with orthomolecular therapy. Nutritional supplements are often even the most important reason given for natural medicines to work properly.
  • Bio Protein Plus In the case of extremely strenuous exercise, in which there's an increased need for nutrients or even when fasting, orthomolecular therapy with nutritional supplements is highly beneficial.
  • Whenever orthomolecular therapy is properly applied with nutritional supplements, there are virtually no side effects. But the relief of symptoms is certainly more rapid.

Ethische Grundsätze: Orthomolekulare Therapie macht keine haltlosen Versprechungen.

If you're now disappointed because you expected more of nutritional supplements, I'm sorry about that. But if I promised you more, it would be deceitful of me. You'll never hear me promise things like "total protection from serious diseases". My ethical principles alone as a naturopath and alternative medical practitioner wouldn't allow me to anyway.


But if I have piqued your interest in nutritional supplements based on the principles of orthomolecular medicine, you're very welcome to stick around here awhile.


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